Gunman who shot man in the chest being sought by Van Buren Township police

Road patrol sergeant saves victim

One man shot another man in the chest in Van Buren Township after an argument between the two at the Parkwood apartment complex on Haggerty Road Saturday night.

Police and the SWAT team spent hours at the complex, concerned the gunman had barricaded himself inside.

The two men know each other, and neighbors say there have been ongoing issues between them for some time.

They say a few days ago, a car was set on fire. They are concerned the shooting was in retaliation.

“I was scared, wondering what happened,” said Miyat Garrett, a neighbor. “Why? Someone could die doing that.”

The victim was shot in the chest and could have died if not for an on-duty road patrol sergeant who put a chest seal on the man, which helped slow down the blood loss.

“That’s awesome, there are good cops here,” said Garrett.

The victim was rushed to the hospital and underwent surgery. Neighbors say there were ongoing issues between the two men and the arguments had recently escalated.

“I saw SWAT team here and there, they were behind the home,” said neighbor Charmaine Willis.

Early Sunday morning, police got a search warrant and stormed the home.

“He was in there, and then next minute, he disappeared,” said Willis.

Neighbors say there are a lot of families with young children who live in the area. They say people need to put down their guns and learn how to communicate.

“What’s wrong with you, man? Lots of kids here. You could have hurt somebody,” said Willis.

The gunman is still on the run tonight, and the victim remains in critical condition.

Anyone with information is encouraged to call police at 734-699-2395.

Road patrol sergeant saves victim