Kalamzaoo doctor detained by ICE may go free Thursday after being granted bond

Lukasz Niec arrested earlier in January by ICE agents

A long day in Detroit Federal Court has ended with relief for Lukasz Niec and his family.

The doctor, who came here from Poland in 1979, was detained in January over an accusation by his ex-wife and misdemeanors in his past.

It was a long waiting game Wednesday afternoon for Niec’s family. They were front and center at his bond hearing, showing support. The doctor was arrested Jan. 16 at his home by Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents.

His wife told Local 4 he’s a doctor at Bronson Battle Creek Hospital.

Niec is a citizen of Poland with a permanent green card, but ICE officials arrested him and his wife. The arrest stemmed from two unrelated misdemeanor convictions dating back to 1992.

Inside the courtroom, two DUIs were also mentioned, and the prosecution brought up a 2013 domestic violence charge from his ex-wife, though that charge was dropped.

Around 5 p.m., the judge decided to grant the doctor a $10,000 bond with some stipulations.

“I’m so grateful for the results, and now Lukasz will be able to join us in that fight against these allegations that he keeps being attacked with,” Iwona Villarie said.

Niec isn’t allowed to drink alcohol, and he must follow any conditions added by Homeland Security. He doesn’t have to wear an ankle bracelet.

Lukasz Niec arrested earlier in January by ICE agents