Money, drugs seized in raid on store on Detroit’s east side

Police also raided their West Bloomfield homes

What appeared to be just another strip mall on Detroit’s east side ,with neon lights advertising a check cashing business, was actually a front for selling illegal drugs.

Detroit police said they seized $720,000 worth of heroin, $50,000 worth of marijuana and 12 to 15 containers of what appeared to be fentanyl. Cocaine was also uncovered.

Detroit narcotics officers said the business was being run out of the check cashing business and the storefront next to it. Both storefronts were owned by two brothers from West Bloomfield.

While Detroit police raided the strip mall storefronts at Connor Street and East Warren Avenue police were also raiding the brothers’ homes in West Bloomfield.

In addition to the drugs, police found a lot of cash at both the homes and at the business.

Police also raided their West Bloomfield homes