New Detroit advertising slogan: ‘It’s Go Time’

People attend annual Detroit Metro Convention and Visitors Bureau meeting

It was a packed house at Motor City Casino Soundboard Wednesday morning.

People attended the annual Detroit Metro Convention and Visitors Bureau membership meeting. Here they saw the plans to market Detroit to the rest of the world.

“I think it’s fascinating how we’ve been getting out more in the world,” said Debbie Gibb with Sea Life Michigan Aquarium & Legoland Discovery Center. “Just getting known more. Detroit’s known for its grittiness and it’s that we’re gonna fight and we’re gonna come back and we’re gonna be better than ever.”

It’s an exciting time for these members, made up of businesses with connection to the hospitality industry.

“Oh you’ve got people from hotels, restaurants, attractions, transportation companies, all individuals that look forward and depend on the hospitality industry and the people that come in and help their business,” said Larry Alexander with the Visitors Bureau.

‘It’s Go Time’

A new year means a new advertising campaign for the visitors bureau. Last year’s was “Detroit, America’s Comeback City.” This year’s is “It’s Go Time.”

“We don’t have to compare ourselves to the past anymore,” said Alexander. “We don’t have to keep saying we’re coming back. We’re back! And our tourism product is great. It’s alive. It’s active. It’s edgy. We want people to experience it now!”

The new theme and this special marketing video were unveiled at Wednesday morning’s meeting and it will go out to the rest of the world starting today. Detroit has come back in more ways than one.

“To come down here now and see so many amazing restaurants and so many wonderful activities and to see people out and about, I love it as a native Detroiter,” said Gibbs.

And now the rest of the world has a chance to love it to.

Watch the full Detroit advertising video here:

People attend annual Detroit Metro Convention and Visitors Bureau meeting